Only three basic components!

    Single Panel    -    Double Panel    -    Floor Panel

StrengthThe steel reinforcing bars are built into the panel according to engineering load bearing calculations. The system is approved for construction from single story to 20 stories. The method of joining the panels results in a monocoque structure. See:
This is the same engineering structure that the modern Formula 1 cars are built under so as to survive a possible 200 mph crash.
Hurricane ResistantNacoma's panel houses have been wind tunnel tested to wind strengths of 250 Km/h. They have also been tested to earthquake simulations up to 5 on the Richter scale - sustaining no damage.
Thermally efficientThe reinforcing steel providing the strength to the panels are encased in dense polystyrene. The method of panel assembly eliminates thermal bridges, thereby reducing energy consumption and favours those aiming for energy sustainability. Rated 0.04 cal/sq m. All this means that a Nacoma home is cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.
Sound ProofNacoma panels comply with:-
UNI EN ISO 140-5:2000 dated 31/10/2000 "Acoustics - Measurement of Sound Insulation in Buildings and of Building Elements" and
UNI EN ISO 717-1:2007 dated 19/07/2007 "Acoustics. Rating of airborne sound insulation". Rated at 38Bd / 500 Hz
Fire ResistantNacoma panels comply with the E119-07a Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials for a fire endurance rating of 1 hour, while maintaining a live load of 2,846 plf. Stability Adequacy shows no failure at 240 minutes
VersatileNacoma panels can be assembled so as to achieve any design choice.
RapidThe 3-meter high panels are factory made to exacting standards complying with all the above features so are merely erected and joined on site. The wall finishes are sprayed on.
CostWith all the features built-in to the panel, erection and finishing continue the cost saving with the end result that a Nacoma home reduces the cost of conventional building by 25%.